Assalamu alaykum everyone,
I post here a reminder of the requirements and purpose of the assignment.

Every Monday and Thursday each of you are to post a reflection (of at least 150 words) on a work of art from any era that is DIRECTLY relevant to one of the sections we cover in class. This means, for example, that you can post a contemporary caricature on classist bias in 19th century England when we cover 19th century England, or criticize racist poetry when we cover European genocide in the Americas against the natives, or reflect on the descriptions of the Ottoman upper class women’s lives in the letters of Lady Mary Montague. Whatever sort of art you chose to reflect on, I am looking for two things: an effort on your part to find AND SHARE a work of art that interests you (in the form of poetry, song, music, painting, sculpture, letters, film, plays, stories, essays, etc.) & an effort on your part to engage with the art CRITICALLY. Critical engagement entails close reading, an attention to detail, and thinking about various other points of view (particularly that of those groups of people that are not in power at the time, or are oppressed).

Have fun 🙂
& email me with any questions

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