Les Plaisirs du Bal

Les Plaisirs du Bal

The Pleasures of the Ball

That beautiful piece of art? I wish I could say I created it but sadly no. This piece is from the period of the enlightenment which was a philosophical movement of the eighteenth-century, the enlightenment came after the scientific revolution and you could say that it was the outcome of the scientific revolution. this painting was made by Antoine Watteau. Watteau’s trade mark was the rococo style of the 1730’s, this style was delicate and showed pleasure. What Watteau did was take this delicate style and somehow add a sad element underneath, this painting is a great example of it. The people in this painting are enjoying a “Fete Champetre”, a form of outdoor entertainment in eighteenth-century Europe, it looks happy and peaceful but then you cant help but feel that sadness. Watteau created a dream world in which people were upper class but somehow so relaxed without the stiffness that they usually carry.

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