Battle of Hohenfriedberg

Battle with Frederick II

The picture above is called the Battle of Hohenfriedburg and it was made in 1745 by Carl Röchling. It is a part of the War of Austrian Succession and the Second Silesian War. The battle was between Prussia and Austria allied with Saxony. Prussia was led by King Frederick II and Austia and Saxony was led by a few princes. ”There will be some stupid mistakes.” -Frederick the Great, his opinion of his Austrian counterpart, Prince Charles Alexander. It was true. The Prussian Army with the leadership of King Frederick II led to a decisive victory. The battle proved the intelligence of Frederick and his military. Their victory was celebrated for decades and he was called from that day “The Great” After this astounding win,  Maria Thereasa, only female ruler of the Hapsburg, was forced to sign the Treaty of Dresden, as it led her and her army to following defeats. Prussia and France remained sturdy and undomesticated. Because of this battle, a song was created and memorialized called Hohenfriedberger Marsch, which many believed was written by Frederick II himself.


This is another photo of the battle.


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