The Flute Concert of Sanssouci

The Flute Concert of Sanssouci by Adolph Menzel, in 1852, depicts Frederick playing the flute in his music room at Sanssouci. Frederick the Great, the ruler of the kingdom of Prussia from 1712-1786, was a huge patron of the arts.  He was more interested in the philosophy and music as a child, which was the opposite of his father, Frederick William I. This piece of art depicts these aspects about Frederick the Great and his simplicity. He liked to meet with a few of his close friends consistently and play his written music for them, and show how them much of a gifted musician he was.

Frederick opposed all things that were lavish. Moreover, he ridiculed the German kings who indulged in extravagance. Frederick was able to advance Prussia in many ways, which shows how all kings should be. The simple they are, the better their rule will be. A better king will bring a stronger nation.

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