Thirty Years’ War

This is a painting of the Thirty Years’ War painted by Sebastiaan Vrancx. It portrays travelers being ambushed outside a small town. It shows how the people at the time believed their religion was the best and desperately wanted their religion to be above all others. The ironic thing though is that they are trying to convert people to their religion, but by the way they are killing others I would say they are scaring people away from their religion. Also if you look at the painting you can see that even woman and young, naive children are being hurt. I think that people at the time were insane and had unrealistic thoughts. You can’t make an entire people follow one idea. Everyone is different. They should encourage people to enter their religion by showing them how nice and kind people whom practice the religion are. This is like Islam and how as Muslims it is our duty to act respectable in public so people know how good of a religion Islam is.

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