Venus Giving Arms to Aeneas, 1704

Venus Giving Arms to Aeneas

                    Venus Giving Arms to Aeneas, 1704

The picture above is of a magnificent sculpture known as Venus Giving Arms to Aeneas. It was  crafted exquisitely by a talented French sculptor by the name of Jean Cornu. Jean Cornu (Paris, 1650-1710) was a sculptor at the court of Louis XIV, and most of his work was designated for the Gardens of the Palace of Versailles, an enchanted garden founded by Louis XIV and later became known as his life project and one of his greatest artistic accomplishments.

This sculpture depicts an episode taken from Virgil’s Aeneid, a classical myth. It shows when the Goddess, Venus, descends from the skies and presents her son, Aeneas, the Trojan prince, with a remarkable set of armor. We also see Cupid, half-brother of Aeneas, raising a shield. The sculpture gives off a theatrical and dramatic sense and feeling. Through this sculpture and many others we find that later on in Louis XIV’s rule, there was an outburst of sculptors devoted to the retelling of classical myths through their art.


As we can see this sculpture was realistically crafted with minute details. We see that it is of high quality and craftsmanship. The sculptor’s unique technique and skill is shown through this piece.

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