Inside the Moscow Kremlin

Inside the Moscow KremlinBy Apollinary Vasnetsov

This is a painting of Moscow before Ivan IV became the czar. The painting shows lots of greens in the background. It shows that Moscow has lots of fields and areas where farming was prosperous. (Thats the impression I got) Also the houses are very straight that shows that Apollinary must have used math to draw this painting. Apollinary also included a cross in the painting. That could mean that religion was a factor that he considered when he drew this painting. This painting does not have extravagant colors in it. My interpretation is that he intended for this painting to be bland. Possibly to represent a country (Moscow) that had more farmers.  Also it has a calming effect. Pictures with colors that stand out tend to catch your attention. When you look at this painting it does not seem so spectacular. However when you look more closely you see how much detail and precision it would take to paint this painting.

Ahmed Abukwaik

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