King Louis XIV the Sun King



This is a painting of King Louis XIV during his reign over France. This work is called “Triumph of King Louis XIV Driving the Chariot of the Sun Preceded by Aurora.” In this painting you see that King Louis XIV resembles a god-like figure. You also see that he is riding a chariot that is being pulled by several horses. I think that the artist wanted King Louis XIV to resemble Apollo, the Greek god of the sun. My reasoning for this essentially is because in Greek mythology Apollo is said to ride a chariot around the earth to bring sunlight, and warmth to all the crops and all the people around the world.


In the painting King Louis XIV is riding the sun chariot. This displays King Louis XIV’s absolute power and explains why he chose the sun as his emblem. Lastly, like Apollo King Louis XIV brought peace and he was a patron of the arts. Therefore King Louis chose the sun as his emblem to imitate the ways Apollo.

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