The Oprichniki

0NevrevNV_Oprichniki_BISH      This image called “The Oprichniki” was a canvas created by Nikolai Nevrev in the 1800s

Brief Statement on Nikolai :-

Nikolai Nevrev was Russian painter. He was born into a family full of merchants in the 1830s. He began painting during the age of 21 and stopped around the age of 40 for unknown reasons. After a couple of years,  he continued to pursue in painting. His paintings focused on Historical Events, Critisicm of the Churches, and all of them exhibited human morals. At the age of 74, he lost his son and committed suicide.

His painting, The Oprichniki was made in the 1800s but focused on the time of the 16th Century.

His Painting :-

  • An Oprichnik was a member of an oranization established by Tsar Ivan IV. It was to govern Oprichnia. Oprichinia was a russian time period where Tsar Ivan the Terrible instituted a secret political police organization enforcing policies, enforcing public executions, and taking lands from Russian aristocrats. This painting shows the final minutes of Boyar Feodorov’s life. This picture depicts Tsar Ivan IV (in the center) with the Oprichniks getting ready to knife Boyar Feodorov (The one sitting with the crown on his head). We can predict that they have forced him to have a seat on Tsar Ivan’s throne. It was reported that he was arrested for treason, or the crime of betraying one’s country.
  • By the clothes they are wearing, you can infer that by time, it was making their clothing more modern to ours now. Ivan IV is revealing his anger and using it on the Boyar for his betrayl. Painted on the canvas, is the Oprichniks watching the Boyar recieve his rights before death. They are not able to do anything but support Ivan. The Boyar brought an item similar to a crown with a cross on it representing his nobility and how attached he is to his faith (Religion). It seems that they are in the Tsar’s room since the Boyar is seated on his throne. We can also tell by the surrounding in it. The colors used in the painting makes it seem a bit gloomy, yet perfect for the scene. Overall, this piece of art is outstanding and could not portray much more than it already has.


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