Ivan the Terrible and His son Ivan

This picture was made by Illya Repin in 1885. That was over 300 years ago from the actual date of the killing which was on November 16, 1581. This was made from oil paints on a canvas. In the picture, you can see that it is not one-hundred percent accurate to what actually happened. It shows how Ivan the Terrible fatally injured his son when he was angered. You can see some disorder in the background of the fallen decorations and table, things in weird places, and the carpet not being proper. The atmosphere is dark, cold, shady, and disturbing. It also shows some remorse and emotional disturbance within Ivan IV. Ivan IV has a tear running down his cheek, blood streaming down from the side of his son’s face, and disturbance in Ivan IV’s face as he watches his child die in his arms. His eyes are bulging out of his sockets as if he is in complete shock. The picture is a little bit ironic because it shows all these extravagant items in the background which is almost buying happiness. But then there is a dying boy in the hands of his father which could never be bought back again. The motive behind painting this picture was the assassination of Alexander II. He wanted to discourage bloodshed and violence by showing this bloody event in Russian history which this truly was,

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