King Louis XIV

This is a painting of King Louis XIV. As you can see it is very well detailed from his regal looking clothes to his beautiful sp00ky looking locks. If you look closely you will see he is sitting on a nice looking chair which is probably his throne and on the side you see the sky and trees, meaning he is probably sitting on a canopy overlooking his kingdom. Now for his biography, he was born on september 5 1638 in Saint-Germaine-en-Laye, France. He became king in 1643. As of 1661, he started reforming France. In 1667 he invaded the Spanish Netherlands. From 1672–1678 he engaged France in the Franco-Dutch War. In 1688, he led a war between France and the Grand Alliance. By the 1680s, Louis XIV generated public hostility. He died in Versailles, France, on September 1, 1715

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