Michael Romanov

imageMichael Romanov became Czar in 1613 when he was only sixteen years old as the solution to the dynastic crisis of the Time of Troubles. Michael was definitely aware of the hardships of being czar of Russia, especially at this time with all the problems Russia had. He had said that he did not want to become czar. He was reminded that if he did not become czar, Moscow and the whole country would fall apart by the struggle for power. Michael’s love and allegiance for his country made him agree and decided to go to the capital. As Michael approached Moscow on May 2, 1613, all the men in the city went out to greet him and show their support. Several weeks later, Michael’s coronation took place in the Dormition Cathedral. He dressed in royal purple, wore the crown as a symbol of service, and held the scepter and orb as a symbol of his authority.

Romanov was the founder of the Romanov dynasty, which ruled Russia until 1917 . Michael, as grandson of the brother of Ivan the Terrible’s first wife, had a tenuous link to the older dynasty, but he was primarily the choice of the boyar clans still in Moscow, the church, the Cossacks, and the townspeople.

In the painting above, we see Michael Romanov wearing the cross symbol on his crown, his chest, and on the object he is holding. He is covered in jewels which shows us his high rank. There is not too much use if color used in this picture except red and gold.

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