Ivan IV Under the Walls of Kazan

Ivan IV Under the Walls of Kazan was made by Pyotr Korovin in 1880-1890. Pyotr tried to show the feeling and atmosphere of Ivan IV when entering Kazan. After fighting, battling, and bloodshed, Ivan IV was finally victorious in defeating Kazan. In the picture, you can see a man riding a horse covered in gold and expensive material. The horse has a reddish cloth hanging over it showing that it belongs to a person of very high class. Also the man riding the cloth has a shiny, perfect, metallic helmet on his head with gold. You can also see the very expensive robes the man is wearing and how it is clean and has no splotches on it. In the background, you can see a priest and a cross in his hand signifying Christianity during this time. You can see the happiness of the atmosphere. It has a large amount of light and shine of the area. The cloud is partly cloudy, the sun is lighting up the victors, and the army is waving their flag. You can also see the defeated on their knees as if praying for mercy. There is a shadow over these people signifying darkness and evil. Even their clothing is a darker shade then the clothing of the victors. The victors are dressed finely and prim. Even the soldiers in the background look organized and neat. They look almost barbaric and not as high compared to the victors. In the background, you can see the walls standing strong showing how much trouble and tribulation the army had to face to conquer.

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