The Disrobing of Christ



This artistic painting is called The Disrobing of Christ and it  was painted by El Greco in 1577 and completed in 1579. The painting depicts Christ in the middle looking up at heaven. It seems to be that he is not aware of the violence going on around him. The people surrounding Jesus are accusing each other of the cause of his death. The man in the green is holding a rope. This rope is to keep Christ steady and he is also arranging to rip Jesus’ robe in prepartion for his crucifixion. We can examine in the picture that the man in the yellow robe is putting a nail through wood to insert or drive it through the Christ’s feet. El-Greco was inspired by the impulse to display maltreatment of Christ by his brutal tormentors. This is an excellent art piece he put together that defines mannerism. As you can see darkness is on the top leading it to brighten as the piece of art is put together. He made it brighter mostly on the main characters we should realize! It took two years to finish, but no one could have put this outstanding and expressive portrayal better than he did.

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