The Adoration of the Shepherds



This artistic painting is called The Adoration of the Shepherds and it was painted by El- Greco during the last year of his life, 1614. He started in 1612 and completed it around the time of his death. The bright and dark colors he uses and strange figure shapes creates a scene with the shephards and angels showing love and happiness for the miracle that was born. Light radiates from the infant, Christ, and the dazzling white cloth on which he is laying on, illuminating the figures of Mary and the amazed shepherds.. The energy Christ brings causes the barefoot Shephards to make a celebration. We can predict that the God like figures are in the rhythm of dance-like motions. Between the darkness and brightness of this magnificent art piece, it causes it to seem dramtic yet simple. The shepherds seem to be unatural figures, as in measurement size; while the angels above have more of a classical appearance. El Greco may have been sending a message that the birth of Christ was a life-changing event; The world has become different and more restored than ever before. This piece rubs a vibe on us with such emotional mood and visionary effects.

El Greco’s assistant, Luis Tristan, was able to confirm in 1618 that his “teacher” or boss was working on this painting until his death.

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