The Globe Theatre


This is a depiction of Queen Elizabeth viewing the performance of the Merry Wives of Windsor at the Globe Theatre made by David Scott, a British painter. The colors and way the painting is drawn indicated the fact that it was painted with oil on canvas. The colors are so vivid and radiant. We see vibrant colors such as yellow and bright red distinguished in the painting. In addition, a Globe theatre is described as a gigantic, spherical building without a roof, holding about three thousand people. It seems that the painting, however, didn’t quite depict it that way. We would expect it to be roomy and many more people to be attending it, but rather, in this image, it seems compressed and we don’t really see the theatre as a spherical structure.

This painting demonstrates how people of all status were capable of attending these plays, mainly because it was affordable. People from both the high status and low status are seen sitting beside one another, all enjoying the same form of entertainment. Even Queen Elizabeth, who seems to have a seat or dedicated area of her own, does not seem isolated or distinguished from the others. The only sign of prominence is perhaps clothing, and it is what seems to differentiate the lower class from the upper class. It may seem, however, that the higher class or middle class has a better view (sat at the top rows) and better seating arrangements compared to the more uncomfortable or unusual sitting arrangement of those below them. 

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