The Madonna and Child

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The painting above is called The Madonna and Child by Sassoferato. In the painting you see Mary holding her son Jesus. In the painting Mary has a veil over her head to represent her meekness and humility. It also shows her submission to Jesus as her savior. I got this information from:  Also colors in religion have a lot of symbolism. For example black represents evil and red represents passion. If you look at Mary’s veil you see that it is blue. Blue represents holiness.

Another thing about color is that if you look at the skin of Jesus it is fairly white and pale. White in religion represents purity. At the time Jesus was considered royalty so in Renaissance art the white Jesus stuck around. Lastly the hair of Jesus is blonde in the painting. Now of course no one knew what Jesus actually looked like so people would just visualize him in their minds. If the majority of the population was blonde then they’d think Jesus was blonde himself. Finally in the middle ages blonde hair was viewed as angelic.

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