Peter The Great Statue

Peter The Great Statue Designed By: Zurab Tsereteli

This is a statue of Peter the great. The statue is 98 meter’s high. It is in the western confluence of the Moskva River and the Vodootvodyn Canal in central Moscow. The purpose of this statue is to acknowledge the 300 years of the Russian Navy, and Peter created the Navy during his reign. This statue was created in 1997. This statue is the eight tallest statue in the world. The weight of the statue is roughly 1000 tons, it is made up of about 600 tons of stainless steal, bronze and copper. The statue got a fine ranking of the tenth ugliest building in the world by Virtual Tourist. Basically considered a pretty ugly statue accord to the Foreign Policy magazine, and Virtual Tourist. On a personal level I think it is magnificent. To build something that is so large and still have such great detail on the statue is a great accomplishment. The color is not the most attractive. The dull kind of grayish green is not the color I would have chosen. Other than that it is a great statue.

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