Frederick William The great elector

historyAnd here we have a picture of the worldwide famous  Frederick William. He is famous for laying the foundation for the prussian state.Realizing that Prussia was a small open territory with no natural frontiers for defense, Frederick William built a large and efficient standing army. He had a force of 40000 men, which made the prussian army the 4th largest army in europe. Talk about powerful! To maintain his massive army and his own power he set up the general war commissariat to levy taxes for the army and oversee its growth. The commiserat soon became an agency for civil goverment as well. Frederick William was born on February 6 1620 and died on April 29 1688. Long after his death in 1701 his son Frederick William officially gained the title of king. Frederick William the 1st will always be remembered for his  smart decisions.

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