The burial of the Count of Orgaz


This painting is related to the last chapter we learned about because 1. It was painted by an artist who we learned about (he is also mentioned in the book.) 2. It was painted around 1586-1588 which is close to the time period we were learning about. 3. The art around this time was Mannerism and this painting falls under that category of art. What I found interesting is that the title is so closely tied to the painting. From the art that I have seen the title may not always seem connected to the painting. However in this paintings title there is the word “Burial”. The colors of the painting do match the colors you would find at a funeral. Lots of black and gray, there is some yellow and a little red. This painting is definitely on the mellow, and sad side. This painting also has religious ties to it. Another thing is this the man in the middle who I assume is the Count of Orgaz looks as if he died recently. Also if you look at some of the facial expressions of the man around them they do not really look to sad. They look as if there trying to peek over the man and women in yellow to see what happened. Another thing is the man in the white top to the right. He is looking up. Almost asking the angles, and Jesus up as if asking why. He might have been an person close to the Count of Orgaz. Another thing is the women in black dress next to the women in the yellow clock. It looks like El Greco used some sort of perspective (the art form) to get her to kind of pop out. In the end I actually liked this piece of art. I liked it because it has a lot of things going on. Also you have to really read the facial expressions of the people around the Count. Which is interesting and this painting may seem so basic because there is not much color contrast and exiting things going on. But that is not true there is a lot you just have to look closer.

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