The Purification of the Temple

This painting was made in 1600 by El-Gerco. The picture is dominated by the figure of Christ, poised to unleash his whip. On the left are the traders and on the right are the Apostles. In the 16th century the subject of the Purification of the Temple was used as a symbol of the Church’s need to cleanse itself both through the condemnation of heresy and through internal reform. The reliefs in the background allude to the themes of punishment and deliverance. On the left Adam and Ev”s expulsion from Paradise prefigures the Purification of the Temple, and on the right, the Sacrifice of Isaac prefigures Christ’s death as the source of redemption. the painting has very strong colors and a elongated form. This part in the bible is related to the picture: Jesus went into the Temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the moneychangers and the stools of those who sold pigeons,and said to them, ‘It is written in the Scriptures that God said, “My Temple will be called a house of prayer.” But you are making it a hideout for thieves!’” (Matthew 21:12-13). Jesus is expelling all the money lenders from the Temple in Jerusalem. 

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