A Geocentric system

During the scientific revolution, there were many scientific breakthroughs. Many of these new findings advanced the field of astronomy. Above is a map of space from the 16th century by the cartographer and cosmographer Bartolomeu Velho. From these new advances came two new theories about the universe. The first was that the solar system was geocentric and the second was that it was heliocentric. The map above shows a geocentric universe, where earth is placed at it’s center.

At this time (the 1500’s), the church played a large role in society and influenced the ideas of many people. This is depicted by the map above. Instead of believing the logical theories of those like Galileo, the church believed  that the planets were heavenly bodies orbiting earth. Here there are angels surrounding the universe, blowing onto it, which could be their explanation as to why there is wind or clouds. There is also Jesus’s body being crucified and an image of God flying above the universe, which showed how religiously influenced the people were at the time.

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