Galileo before the Holy Office By Joseph-Nicolas Robert-Fleury


Galileo before the Holy Office By Joseph-Nicolas Robert-Fleury

This painting depicts the scene in which Galileo stood in front of Church members in what is known as the Roman Inquisition. The Church found Galileo to be a suspect of heresy when Galileo’s discoveries opposed the beliefs of the Catholic Church, for he openly supported the heliocentric model in his books. The Church found him guilty and sentenced him to prison, where he was kept under house arrest until his death. 

In this image, we see Galileo standing before the Holy Office as they question him and his actions. We see a knight standing stiff and steady as the rest of the Church members witness the scene. We see that the Church members are dressed in red, which seems to be a clear symbol of status. In addition, we see an exquisite, religious background to the image. The background displays important religious characters. The painter uses dark colors and shades to present a rather gloomy atmosphere. 

It seems that this painting demonstrates the authority of the Church and its ability to crush opposition. It also seems to portray Galileo placing his hands on a book, most likely the bible, with his other hand on his chest, probably making an oath of some kind. All in all, this painting is a portrayal of a crucial event in the life of one of the most eminent scientists who contributed to the scientific revolution and astronomy.

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