Galileo before the Holy Office

This is an Image of Galileo being tried before the Holy Office, otherwise known as the church, for having ideas that contradicted the church’s teachings. Galileo is features in the center of the painting, with an armed guard behind him, and a church head in front of him. Galileo has his hand on top of a book, possibly a bible, on an alter in front of him. Maybe he is making some sort of oath or promise on it. The church officials, seated at a table nearby to watch the trial, along with the main leader are dressed in red robes, symbolizing their holiness; while Galileo is dressed in a cape and tights, regular commoner clothing. Behind them on the wall, there is a painting of what looks like another trial in history, judging by the box (a table maybe?) in the middle and the posture of the characters beside it; all with god or Christ watching from above. Also, it looks as if the trial in the painting is taking place as the trial of Galileo. The tiles on the floor are the same, and there is a candelabra on the desk, just like in the room now.What’s happening is this artwork is that history repeats itself. The painting on the wall mirrors what is going on in the scene depicted in the artwork that I chose. It could also be a warning for future generations, history can and will most likely repeat itself.

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