1689 Sir Isaac Newton Portrait

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Above is a portrait of Sir Isaac Newton. Sir Isaac Newton was a key figure in the scientific revolution. Sir Isaac Newton was a physicist and mathematician. He developed laws of motion and universal gravitation. In 1687 he published a book called Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. This book was the most influential book on physics. Sir Isaac Newton chose to study optics which essentially is phenomena and behavior of light. It can also be the spectrum light gives out. Newton argued that light consisted of particles. Newton also argued that white light was composed of all the colors in a spectrum.

A rival that Newton had was Robert Hooke. Hooke argued that light was composed of waves. Hooke attacked Newton’s ideas and left The rival between them continue for years. A year later when Newton’s mother died Newton decided to give up on studying gravitation. Eventually Newton continues studying gravitation and its effects on the planets.

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