French Academy of Sciences

This is a picture of the French Academy of Sciences. It was started in 1666 by King Louis XIV. It was suggested by Jean-Babtiste Colbert to keep French research and science. The academy was informal until thirty years later. It was taken down in 1793 by the National Convention, but was put back up after two years. This academy did many things to expand the realm of science and held many famous people. There has been some poor decisions such as not letting a Nobel Prize winner enter the academy because of her gender (Marie Curie and many other scientists). They allowed women to enter the academy in 1962. This didn’t stop the advancements of this academy such as explaining properties of light. Not only that, but the academy house many famous individuals such as Napoleon and others. Some of these people weren’t scientists such as Napoleon, but still made some contribution. It is without certain that this institution aided the growth of the Scientific Revolution.

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