Galileo Facing The Roman Inquisition

Galileo By Cristiano Banti 1857

This painting by Cristiano Banti is of Galileo Galilei facing the Roman inquisition after his theories questioned the Holly Scriptures. A huge factor to consider in this photo is the where each figure in the painting is looking. The man in black who I assume is some church official is looking towards the ground. Could he possibly be reconsidering if the church is right? Could he possibly be contemplating if Galileo and the other scientist are correct? The man in the middle seems certain that the church is correct. He seems confident in confronting Galileo and is obviously be aggressive in the way he is confronting him. With his hand pointing towards what may be the Holly scriptures, or some other document stating the church is philosophy on the suns position and earths position. The man to the left of him is looking at the scriptures. He seems to be a blind follower of the church. He does not look as if he is questioning or even thinking about each sides argument. Now Galileo does not have his head down. He looks confident, another thing is he is not making eye contact with the church official that means he is not trying to defy him. He is looking upwards just by about 20 degrees possibly less. What he is possibly looking at is the torso and lower body of a crucified Jesus which is above the man in the centers head. That part I am confused by, if possible I would like to see the classes opinion of that.

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