Rene Descart By: Frans Hals

This is obviously a self-portrait of Rene Descartes. Something that stood out to me was the glow around his head/hair. It is a reddish color, the lighting in the room when Frans Hals painted also could have affected the outcome of the painting. It must have been shining thought a window. A little background on Frans Hals is that he was considered one of the Dutch Golden Age painters. The artist in the time period focused in on intimate realism with a radically free approach. A point to consider there is no fantasy or extravagant additions to this painting. What I mean is this painting is very direct. It captures the person with his features without superhuman characters. I found it hard to describe this portrait but then I had to think more simple and stop looking for something that was hidden, which led me to research the painter and realize what this painting really is. A portrait. However one last thing that came across some of Frans Hals work was how he painted the persons facial expression. Frans Hals tried to make the portraits facial expression and positions almost resemble their personalities. The kind of personality I get from Descartes is a person who does not talk much. If you look at some of Frans Hals other work all their facial expressions are different. I found that last point very intriguing because how often do you see that?

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