The History of the Royal-Society of London

Bacon By: Winceslaus Hollar

This picture shows Francis Bacon on the right. I would like to start out with the fact that his left hand is pointing towards some instruments. This seems like a crucial factor in the picture. What seems to be on the right is  some assistant to a royal figure. I came to that conclusion by trying to translate the text below the statue and the only word that I got to translate was “Regalis” and it gave me royal. So the persons head must be a royal figure and the man who is pointing toward the text is his assistant, servant, something in that realm. Another reason I can conclude that the persons statue is royalty is because the angle is bestowing some sort of crown on his head. Now at the time if I am correct royalty also said they were given power by god so that could be an explanation for the angle being there. What Francis Bacon must have been asking for is help in his discoveries. Francis Bacon believed that these discoveries needed to help in the society, it was not just to discover the world. He wanted to make profit off these inventions, he was all about efficiency. Francis Bacons pitch to the king must have been that if you support me in accomplishing scientific discoveries than it will help society, and therefore giving you king more credit and increasing you’re power.

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