Galileo Donato


For this blog post I chose the painting Galileo Donato. The imaginative painting portrays Galileo displaying his telescope to Leonardo Donato. It was painted in 1754 and its copyright is actually expired and is in the public domain. In the background of the picture it seems to be early in the night. There are beautiful buildings hinting that Europe at the time was flourishing. Galileo stands in front of a small audience of what looks like high-regarded people in society. It displays to them his invention, the telescope. The men in the audience seem to be interested and discuss between themselves their thoughts of this new creation. There are two men in the front of the audience that sit on chairs. I think they are of higher importance then the other men since they are sitting and also because the painter painted them with colors and bright colors as well. There are also two men standing on the stairs and an old man walking up the stairs.

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