Three Studies For Figures At The Base Of A Crucifixion

Weird Painting

The painting in the file above looks very weird and was painted by Francis Bacon in 1944. All three paintings show the crucifixion of a creature. The painting was made with oil paint and pastel on Sundeala fibre board and completed within two weeks. Francis Bacon did not tell his intention of painting three figures over the cross. The figures on the cross are very unclear. The most clear one is the middle one, a chicken being crucified. The first one could kind of look like a woman and the last one looks like a shark, human, snake. The Three Studies is actually considered Bacon’s first mature masterpiece. After seeing the painting in 1971, critic John Russell said that, “there was painting in England before the Three Studies, and painting after them, and no one … can confuse the two.” That shows how sensational Francis Bacon’s painting Three Studies was at the time. 

1 thought on “Three Studies For Figures At The Base Of A Crucifixion

  1. aghworldhistory1

    Tell me what you think each figure stands for, or why Bacon would paint something like this? Good that you noted what and when he painted this: think what the context could be that may have prompted him to paint such a painting.. Tell us what you think.



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