Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon is one of the well known people of the Scientific Revolution. He was born in England and was a scientist, philosopher, statesman, jurist, public speaker, essayist, and author. He was the Attorney General of Wales and England. He is most known for the scientific method. The scientific method is a way to solve problems and conduct experiments. The steps are 1. Question; 2. Research; 3. Hypothesize; 4. Experiment; 5. Analyse; 6. Conclude. This method organized and planned out experiments and science in general.

In the picture, you can see Francis Bacon in luxurious clothing of the time and place. It has a red, porky wall in the background with white scars across it. In the top left corner, there is a statement. That statement is  “Francis Bacon, Lord Keeper and afterwards Lord Chancellor of England 1617. If you look at his neck, you can see a white ruff. He wears a greasy black top with designs on the sleeve. He also wears a top hat.

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