The Burial Of The Count

The painting is very clearly divided into two zones; above, heaven is surrounded by swirling icy clouds, , and the saints are tall and phantom-like; below, all is normal in the scale and proportions of the figures.[5] The upper and lower zones are brought together with a mix of grays.

The scene of the miracle is depicted in the lower part of the composition, in the terrestrial section. In the upper part, the heavenly one, the clouds have parted to receive this just man in Paradise. These three central figures of heavenly glory are surrounded by apostles, martyrs, Biblical kings.

Saints Augustine and Stephen, in golden and red vestments respectively, bend reverently over the body of the count, who is clad in magnificent armour that reflects the yellow and reds of the other figures. The young boy at the left is El Greco’s son, Jorge Manuel; on a handkerchief in his pocket is inscribed the artist’s signature and the date 1578, the year of the boy’s birth. showing El-greco had great love for his son. at the bottom of the painting you can see the prominent men standing dresses alike and in what looks to be expensive fabric.

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