Ivan the Terrible and His Treasures

Ivan the Terrible, otherwise known as Ivan IV, was the ruler of Russia in the 16th century. He expanded his empire far out and achieved many accomplishments. Another thing he is known for is his harsh treatment. He went as far out as killing his own son during an argument.

In this picture, Ivan the Terrible is showing his treasures to Jerome Horsey. It was painted by a Russian painter named Alexander Litovchenkoq in 1875. In this painting you can see many riches and luxuries. There are gold pottery, clothing, jewelry, and more. The person in the center with the gold and red clothing is most likely Ivan IV. You can tell this because those colors usually associate with luxury and riches. He is also wearing a purple crown-like hat  which most likely represents loyalty. You can also tell that he is the highest and most powerful there because of him being the only one sitting in a chair/throne. He is also wearing a cross encrusted with some type of jewel. To the left you can see Jerome Horsey. You can tell he is English because of his well cut hair and beard, his white ruff around his neck, and his clothing is different from the rest. He is wearing tights and a neat shirt. To his left is most likely his escort or courier. He looks almost the same, but his clothing reflects how he is a little lower. He is also not closely examining the treasures like Jerome Horsey is. He is also farther away from Ivan IV and more to the back. The other men look nothing like the English men. They have long beards and are wearing a rob-like clothing. The other man is lying on the floor just playing with the treasures. They certainly look a little more barbaric then the rest. The surrounding is beautiful and magnificent. They are arches and columns covered with patterns and some colors. The floor is also the same. Not to mention the tables with their elegant cloth that lays over them. It is certainly wonderful.

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