Equestrian Portrait of Charles V

This painting was made by Tiziano Vecilli. It is called Equestrian Portrait of Charles V.

Tiziano Vecilli was a great painter of his time. He is from Italy. He was an important member of Venetiain School. He painted portraits, landscape backgrounds, and religious and mythological paintings. He evolved from someone with vivid colors to a more masterful use of colors.

Equestrian Portrait of Charles V is a painting from 1548. IT is an oil canvas painting. It was a tribute to Charles V after he won the Battle of Muhlberg in 1547 against Protestants. It is now in the Museo del Prado.

The painting is extremely beautiful. Titan used just the right tone of colors to reflect the atmosphere and setting. The plant life is a dark green color and the sky is a stormy gray color. This shows the intensity and the extreme of this battle. The color gives you a feeling of darkness and catastrophe. The horse Charles is riding is extremely tamed. You can see that Charles is in complete control of the horse. The horse seems to not be wild even in the face of danger. The horse is outfitted with a lot of red, beautiful clothing. He has a golden harness and color. He is also wearing a magnificent red leather. Charles V looks calm and collective. His face shows no fear and no disturbance. He seems extremely well neat and prim although he is on the battle field. Charles V is wearing a wonderful steel and gold armor. He seems to have no stress from wearing the armor. He is readily holding a spear. He seems good for battle.

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