John Locke’s Portrait

John Locke was a philosopher in the seventeenth century. He was extremely important to the social contract theory. His writings influenced many other Enlightenment thinkers. He came up with his own theory of the mind.

This portrait was made by Godfrey Kneller. He lived in the 17th century.  He was the leading portrait painter in England. He painted numerous portraits of famous European figures. He made over 40 “kit-cat portraits”.

John Locke in the portrait looks extremely realistic. The skin color is almost spot on to a regular English man. Even the wrinkles and grooves in his skin are almost perfect. His eyes are a deep blue. Godfrey used an elegant mix of colors to make the realistic watery-eye texture. John Locke’s face in the portrait barely looks like it has aged over the many years this portrait has existed. His hair looks like it has experienced the many years this portrait has existed. The colors look a little faded, but still beautiful. His hair has the perfect mixture between black and white. It is curly and wild. It is also extremely long. Their is a scarf around his neck. In general, John Locke looks like an educated and upper-class man. He has an elegant scarf. His face is perfect and has no scars or dirt marks on his face. In general, this portrait reflects on John Locke’s riches and wisdom.

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