Lainspiegel is a book of law. It was written by Ulrich Tengler and publiced by Sebastian Brant in 1509. It was divided into private law, criminal law, and law of the public instituitions.

The illustration above is from Lainspiegel. It shows the punishment of witches. The painting is in black and white. This might have been done to lessen the production cost of the book. To the top are the punishment of lynching, burning and stabbing. The fire looks weird and more of an explosion cloud rather than a fire. There are also some other gory punishments such as stabbing someone in the eye and ripping someone’s chest open with a knife. There is also a picture rolling a wheel across a man. At the bottom, there is a picture of someone being executed by sword. There is also someone getting their hand chopped off and a man getting whipped by someone with grass bonded with string. The faces of the accused witches seem extremely off. Almost none of them have any fear and few have any remorse. Many of them look almost angry that they have gotten caught. The witches aren’t even struggling or attempting to free themselves. They are a few that show some fear such as the man in the bottom left corner. Only three of the accused witches seem to show any type of remorse. They are the man getting burned alive, the man getting executed by a sword, and the man getting his hand chopped off. Although they show some remorse, they do not have any struggle nor fear in their faces. The man getting burned isn’t even showing any pain from getting burned. Their is also a man with a quite wild expression on the face. The man in the center who is getting stabbed in the chest is smiling, almost laughing, It is extremely strange of such a thing to be happening. The painter most likely did this to show the wild characteristics of witches.

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