1024px-Salon_de_Madame_Geoffrin         1775GeoffrinSalonIdent$Fr330pxw

Painted by Anicet Charles Gabriel Lemonnier, the oil painting above is called An Evening at Madame Geoffrin. This panting depicts one of the many salons hosted by Marie-Therese de Geoffrim, she was the wife of a wealthy merchant. These salons at her home in Paris became the talk of France and all of Europe, in these salons the ideas of the Enlightenment where spread.

In this picture the artist uses detail to depict that Madame Geoffrin as one of the people of the upper class; there are many paintings on the wall, lavish carpet and detailed sculptors. Also the artist painted many well known philosophers attending this salon including Voltaire, Diderot, Montesquieu, and Rousseau.  In the right corner in a blue dress and black bonnet sits Madame Geoffrin, the artist portrays her as a respectable woman because she is wearing some black.  Furthermore the ratio of men to women shows the society at that time.

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