The Rest on the Flight into Egypt


This masterpiece, The Rest on the Flight into Egypt, created by the Christen painter Gerard David, in the sixteenth century, was based on the short biblical account of the Flight into Egypt.  The story begins with the Virgin, Mary, travelling with Jesus and Joseph to Egypt.  When they stopped to eat, Joseph could not reach the palm branches to get food. Therefore Jesus commanded the branch to be lowered, in order for Joseph to get the dates. The artist paints certain objects and colors in the painting to depict the characteristics of the people in the Christian Religion and to depict the story. Joseph holding the staff shows he cannot grab the dates from the palm tree.  The color and fabricate of Mary’s robe shows her nobility and power. Jesus holding the grapes is the symbol of Eucharist. Furthermore the artist uses the technique of minute details and colors to depict a sense of serenity.

As was mentioned earlier this painting was made by a Christian painter during the time when more Protestant people emerging. Therefore if a Protestant would depict this scene, the Protestant artist may depict it in a different way depending on what they believe. For example a Calvinist may describe Mary in a different way or paint the scene in a different way

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