The Weimar Courtyard of the Muses

This is an example of Weimar Classicism. It was German literature and cultural movement. It was based of Romanticism, Classicism, and the Enlightenment. It lasted from 1772 to 1805.

Theobald von Oer was a German painter, illustrator, and etcher.

This painting is called The Weimar Courtyard of the Muses. It was painted in 1860. It is an oil painter. It has a few famous characters such as Goethe. The painting is very vivid. They are a lot of bright colors. The background has a bright blue sky and bright green trees in the background. This makes the painting look more homey. There is a cover with Roman style columns and statue of a woman in the center. The woman looks like she is holding a book which most likely represents knowledge. There is also a mass of people gathering around and listening to the man in the center. They looks like this picture took place in the 18th century because of the clothing. This looks like a social gathering and kind of like a salon. The man in the center is most likely saying his philosophy and wisdom. The people seem to be upper class. The area also looks like it is in possession of a rich person because of the small porch-like building. The people are wearing extremely neat and prim clothing. The men are wearing suits and the women are wearing dresses. It seems like these people are trying to learn about the world or improve the world. This painting in general is magnificent.

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