William III Leading His Troops at the Battle of Namur

William of Orange, otherwise known as William III, was married to Queen Mary. He was invited by the nobles of England to invade England and put an end to King James II’s reign. They didn’t like a Catholic ruler in a Protestant kingdom. William of Orange succeeded in defeating King James II and was invited to become ruler of England. He accepted and became King William III.

This painting was painted by Jan Wyck. He was a Dutch baroque painter during the 17th century. He accomplished over 150 paintings. He moved to England and worked their  throughout his life. He painted many battle paintings, portraits, hunting scenes, and landscapes. He also thought art.

The painting is quite exquisite. It has a thunderous and deep mood told through colors. The sky is a stormy gray. It has a dusky red and orange in the background which is most likely the setting sun. The clouds show a violent, intense, and consequential atmosphere. The landscape in the background is beautiful with incredible mountains, trees, and grass. The painter went to all ends to complete this magnificent and stupendous masterpiece. To the right are the troops. They look ready for combat and strong. They seem like excellent horse-back riders and look prim. In the center is William III. He is the center of attention. He is being an impressive leader leading his troops into battle. He looks confident and strong. His horse looks tamed and ready. In general, he looks like a great general/leader.

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