Monstequieu is not a very well known man from the 1700s due to the american revolution happening at the time. He was a french lawyer, and a political philosopher who lived during the Age of the enlightenment. He is famous for his articulation of the theory of seperation of powers, which is implemented in many constitutions throughout the world.Montesquieu was born in southwest france, 25 km south of Bordeaux His father, Jacques de Secondat, was a soldier with a long noble ancestry. His mother, Marie Francoise de Pesnel, who died when Charles was seven, was an heiress who brought the title of Barony of La Brède to the Secondat family. After the death of his mother he was sent to a catholic college,a prominent school for the children of French nobility, where he remained from 1700 to 1711.His father died in 1713 and he became a ward of his uncle, the Baron de Montesquieu.He became a counselor of the Bordeaux parliament in 1714. In 1715 he married Jeanne de Lartigue, a protestant, who eventually bore him three children.The Baron died in 1716, leaving him his fortune as well as his title, and the office of president in the Bordeaux Parliament.

He died in 1755 at the age of 66

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