Würzburg Residence

The images above are the exterior and interior of the Würzburg residence, in Germany. This building’s main architect was Balthasar Neumann, one of the greatest architects of the eighteenth century. This was one of his two masterpieces. This wonderful architecture reflects the new rococo movement of the eighteenth century. It combined secularism and spirituality.

The picture of the interior above is the main stairwell, which has a roof decorated with various frescos. The most well-known one from this roof is the painting of Apollo and all four continents. To represent these four continents (Asia, Africa, Europe, and America) there are different symbols. Europe holds a sceptre, is symbolized by a bull, and has a boy playing with a cannon. America has natives with feathers, who practice cannibalism of prisoners, and a crocodile. Asia has a tiger. Africans have an elk, and a caravan of turbaned Magi.

To depict the rococo style these are all done in bright, light colors. There is grace, charm, and gentle action in the frescos. Not only this, but the sculptures surrounding the staircase all lined in gold around their curves.

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