The Adoration of the Shepherd by Francois Boucher

h2_1997.95 Francois Boucher is perhaps one of the most celebrated artists of the 18th century who painted in the Rococo style. He is known for his paintings on classical themes and grateful mythology, and he painted many decorative allegories as well. This is one of his paintings in the Rococo style, and it is known as “The Adoration of the Shepherd.” It is a painting of Jesus as a child, as angels and shepherds are around adoring and admiring the birth of Jesus. Jesus is the center of all attention in this painting.

This idea has been depicted by many artists, and Boucher’s painting is not the first of it’s kind. There are many Flemish paintings and oil sketches about this topic; however in Boucher’s hands the subject takes on a lightness and delicacy that distinguishes it from other sources. This painting greatly reflects the Rococo style. It is a easygoing and lighthearted, rich and delicate brushwork depicting lithe, graceful, and elegant figures.

This painting is notable for its intimate scale, for all the figures in the painting are closely acquainted and familiar. The painting gives off a peaceful and idyllic feeling and shows the painter’s ability in handling the medium when creating such an ornamental deign of intertwined, flowing lines. Lastly, this painting depicts the idea of naturalism, for it portrays the scene in a realistic fashion rather than an illustration of idealized bodies and figures.

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