Are They Thinking About the Grape

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 4.30.42 PM By: François Boucher

This painting is from the Rococo movement. I liked this painting because it was very peaceful, and had a little bit of sadness to it. Also when I looked at this picture for some reason the sheep reminded be of the story of the prophet Yousef. I think that corresponded to the sadness that I felt when looking at this picture. I know that the Rococo movement was not related to religious symbols of any sort, but it did trigger sadness. However if you look closely at the expression on the girl and women face it is a smile.  After a little while of examining the picture the feelings of sadness died down, and after seeing them having a picnic it did trigger happier emotions. Another thing that contributed to the happier emotions was the color contrast of the red against the greens and turquoise/blue. I do not have an explination as to why it triggered happier of more upbeat emotions but I feel as if somehow it did help. It reminded me of the orange and red in a sunset, when the red and orange contrast against the bluer colors and how it sticks out and is a happier kind of color. As beautiful as the backdrop is I think it has as much of a significance as the two girls, the sheep, the color contrast, and the emotional spark. I think it could be where they came from. Its color blends in with the green, so it also helps you focus in on the two girls (as they have the purple and red.)

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