Benjamin West’s The Death Of General Wolfe

In the painting above called Benjamin West’s The Death Of General Wolfe painted in 1770 by West, the dying General Wolfe is the main focus of the painting. West paints Wolfe lying down at the moment of his death wearing the red uniform of a British officer. A circle of soldier like men attend to their dying commander. Historians know that only one Lieutenant Henry Browne, who holds the British flag above Wolfe was actually at the General’s death. In the painting you can see that West took artistic license in creating a dramatic scenery, from the theatrical clouds to the messenger  on the left side of the painting to announce the British victory over the Marquis de Montcalm and his French army in this  battle. Previous artists, such as James Barry, painted this same event in a more documentary, true-to-life style. But,West  painted this composition as a dramatic blockbuster.

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