Madame Bergeret by Francois Boucher


Boucher was one of the most celebrated artists of the 18th century, known for his unique use of the style of Rococo. He painted this portrait of Madame Marguerite Bergeret, the wife and sister of two of the 18th century’s most enthusiastic art patrons. The point of the portrait was to capture the grace and pampered way of life of aristocrats, who as a contemporary has said, “really have nothing else to do but seek pleasant sensations and feelings.”

Madame Bergeret is placed in a garden setting. If you look at the shape and form of the leaves and bushes in the left of the painting, you see the  smooth texture and sense of softness the painter was going for.The haze in the upper right brings out and highlights her face. Madame Bergeret is dressed in a creamy silk gown, tight in the bodice emphasized with a blue ribbon and puffed sleeves. The fabric of the gown is rich and shimmery, and the space and balance of it is lovely.  Her complexion illuminates with youth and beauty and is depicted in a translucent, crystal white and with a fresh glow. However what greatly caught my eyes was the abundance of roses emerging from an exquisite bronze vase, ornamenting her sleeves and hair, and arranging across the bench and onto the foreground.

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