The Swing

The painting “The Swing” is created by the artist Jean-Honore Fragonard and was painted in 1767as an oil canvas.

This painting consists of a young man hidden in the bushes, watching a woman on a swing, being pushed by an elderly man, almost hidden in the shadows, and not aware of the admirer. As the lady goes high on the swing, she lets the young man take a furtive peep under her dress.The lady is wearing a bergère hat and that is ironic because shepherds are normally showed with virtue because  they more love nature and don’t really know much about city lives. According to  dramatist Charles Collé, he asked first Gabriel François Doyen to make this painting of him and his beloved wife. He wasn’t very comfortable with this not so great work, So Doyen refused and gave the offer to Fragonard. He requested a portrait of his wife sitting on a swing being pushed by a bishop, but Fragonard painted a layman and didn’t follow the orders he was given.

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