Les Charmes de la Vie (The Music Party)

File:Antoine Watteau - Les Charmes de la Vie (The Music Party) - WGA25459.jpg

By: Jean Antoine Watteau

 Jean Antoine Watteau is known for his use of music, specifically the guitar and violin, in his artworks. Watteau’s art was based on everyday scenes and the natural movements of people. In Les Charmes de la Vie (The Music Party), you are able to clearly look at Watteau’s work as an everyday scene.

The main focus of the painting is at the middle, where the man is playing a guitar. On the right of the man, there is a sleeping dog and a young African boy who seems to be busy doing his daily chores. If you look at his face closely, you notice that he is looking in the opposite direction at the white people. He might be thinking about how simple life would be in their place because of how carefree they look. The people on the left of the picture are the people the man in the middle is playing music for, though not much emotion is shown on their faces. The man, all the way on the left, looks like he is really trying to focus on the music. The children on the other hand, seem to not care at all.

The background of the picture is not a main focus in the picture and seems to be there only for the sake of making the painting look more detailed. The detail is shown by the trees, clouds and houses in the back. The light blue cloudy sky gives the painting a happier vibe that the characters fail to show with their expressions. If you look deeper into the background, you see about ten people facing their backs to the people in the front. This could mean that they are all watching something together.

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