Le Déjeuner

Francois Boucher was a Rococo painter of 18th century France before the French Revolution. He was known for having painting that had themes from the classics, allegory, and beautiful paintings of pastures and landscape.

In this picture, there is a French middle-class family of the early 18th century sitting around a table. As you can see, there is some fine decoration in the background. There is a decorative clock in the background. There is also pots, toys and books. There is also mediocre dishware on the table. The artwork greatly reflects on rococo artwork. It is has extremely vibrant and vivid colors throughout this painting. The painter painted combined various colors such as red, white, brown, green, blue, etc. The painting also looks very lively. There is a young mother playing with one of her children. There is also another woman who could perhaps be a family friend or relative. There is also a young boy who is playing with dolls and other toys. There is a man who looks like he serving tea to the women. This person would most likely be a servant because the head of the household (the male during this time) would not do such a “lowly task”. A major theme of this painting is a nice, homey household. The family is rich enough for them to have  a servant. The women are having tea and playing with their children. The house itself looks a little extravagant and prim. In general this house looks cozy and warm.

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